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  1. Currently we're not scheduled to be at any festivals in 2012.
    I am looking in to a few for the end of November and December out in Western MA.

    Sorry for any inconveniences. This economy has had my family moving from MA to VT to MA last couple years and we've finally settled in Western Mass in Longmeadow.  But unfortunately we had no idea where we'd be this Fall so it was hard to register for the fairs this year by the time line they need us to register for.   Next year we'll be back at some of our favorites with a few new ones.

    We are available online 24 hours a day.
    I'm looking in to some new minky patterns since the boy mod dots is sold out now and I can't get that fabric.  Being everyones favorite I know this isn't fun to hear. But we'll find another great one to take it's place! 

    Happy Fall!!

    Thanks for your patience!


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